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"Rest & Recharge" Swedish

Need a little R&R? Swedish massage consists of light to medium pressure and concludes with a warm neck towel. Break away from your everyday routine to rest and de-stress.

"Time to Focus" Deep Tissue

Uses firm pressure to reach the deeper muscles and connective tissues of the body. Book a deep tissue if you're interested in releasing tension and alleviating muscle pain.

"Time-out" Sports

Sports massage emphasizes various stretches and massage techniques to reduce muscle soreness, improve range of motion, and lengthen your muscle tissues.

"Awaken the Senses" Aromatherapy

Choose an aromatherapy blend that accommodates your therapeutic needs. The treatment begins with a steam inhalation of the aromatic blend to enhance your experience and ends with a warm, scented neck towel. 

"Skip a Stone" Hot Stone

Incorporates toasty, warm basalt rocks that transfers heat deep into your muscles, increasing circulation and loosening muscle tension. The session ends with warm stones placed under the neck and shoulders.

"Mama To-Be" Prenatal

The power to carry life is amazing...and can be taxing on the body. Mama to-be's, enjoy a side-lined prenatal massage that will pamper both you and baby.

"Good for the Sole" Reflexology

Our feet carry us to our destinations everyday. A reflexology massage that's "good for the sole" and will benefit your body too!

"Massage Trio"

Not sure whether to book a Swedish, Aromatherapy, or Hot Stone massage? Why not try all three? This treatment is a 60 minute Swedish that incorporates aromatherapy and a hot stone back massage.